parc de la zona volcànica de la garrotxa

Parc Natural de la Zona Volcànica de la Garrotxa
El volcán del Croscat


After years of extraction of volcanic gravel and the subsequent use of the site as a landfill, in the early 1990s this area was turned into a Natural Reserve. The landscape intervention at el volcán del Croscat (which is only a fragment of a whole lot of interventions throughout the territory) aimed at restoring the extraction site and landfill to recover the morphology of the volcano and the surrounding landscape. This award winning project minimized the visual industrial impact, prevented further erosion of the volcano, and allowed for public access through a series of trails that connect the natural park.

The quarried flank or las grederes has exposed the internal structure of the volcano -as a cross section- allowing for the scientific as well as leisure observation of the internal volcanic structure of the Croscat.